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Shop MAC/Cook MAC Collection

Reblogged from Rebecca Horgan Im really looking forward to getting my paws on this collection!! SO excited for the 'Kissable lip colors' and the lipsticks!
Natalya Andreya
Natalya Andreya Mar 05, 2012 Originally by beckyrox

Sugarpill Cosmetics: Make-Up Junkie Approved

Reblogged from Blondeaholic Upon first look, Sugarpill Cosmetics products could look like they may only be available on an endcap of a Hot Topic clearance section…
Natalya Andreya
Natalya Andreya Feb 07, 2012 Originally by blondeaholic

Dark Makeup Inspiration

Reblogged from Adrian Valentine
Natalya Andreya
Natalya Andreya Jan 22, 2012 Originally by adriansvalentine


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Natalya Andreya
Natalya Andreya Dec 15, 2011

Fashion Icon: David Bowie

Reblogged from Pinky Jinx It is okay to step out of the box, when u are who u are you take a step forward. David bowie…
Natalya Andreya
Natalya Andreya Aug 20, 2011 Originally by xxjinx

Fashion Tips: The Amazing Eyeliner

Reblogged from stupidbear If there's something related to make up that I always need to have on my bag, it's definitely liquid eyeliner. This little thing…
Natalya Andreya
Natalya Andreya Aug 20, 2011 Originally by stupidbear

Wizard of Oz prequel starring Mila Kunis & James Franco

No release date set yet but the movie is being made & officially starring these two! Sam Raimi (the grudge, the ring, + other fantastic…
Natalya Andreya
Natalya Andreya Mar 25, 2011

Emily Browning

Born Emily Jane Browning 5 foot 2 (She has her nose and belly button pierced) She was Stephenie Meyer's first pick to play Bella in the…
Natalya Andreya
Natalya Andreya Mar 16, 2011

Snow White & The Huntsman Starring.....Kristen Stewart!

Filming of Snow White & the Huntsman starts in August! Thoughts?? Comments??
Natalya Andreya
Natalya Andreya Mar 04, 2011
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